As fall starts to creep on, we all start to think about school and schedules. We are doing the same here at the GH Center. I spent some time looking at what our fall schedule might look like, what teachers we may want to add, all that fun stuff. This always leads me to look back at where we came from, making sure that we stay true to who we are, as we continue to change and grow.

We are not your average yoga studio, never have been. I started this studio with the goal of creating a community where everyone was welcomed and wanted, everyone, every BODY, no mater abilities, ages, sizes. I think that was almost 7 years ago, and, oh my gosh, I could not be more grateful for the community that we have built. To watch my students support each other is one of my greatest joys.

Our classes are truly inclusive, and will always remain so. No one is left out or left behind, ever. That will never change.

Om Shanti,


Fall Reflections
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