At Gentle Healing, our yoga philosophy centers on inclusivity, accessibility, and meeting you wherever you are in your practice and in your life. Inclusive and accessible are the latest buzz words in the marketing of yoga. To the teachers at Gentle Healing, they are more than trendy marketing tools; inclusiveness and accessibility are the heart and soul of the studio. 

Gentle Healing welcomes EVERY BODY and EVERYBODY. We know how intimidating it can be to walk into a yoga studio for the first time. We honor the effort, courage and strength it takes to show up. Because of your determination, our teachers treat first time and returning students with open hearts. We know that some days we feel better than others. Our teachers respect your individual body and journey. Our classes are designed to help students find their breath, find their bodies, and find themselves. 

Gentle Healing strives to offer classes that support individuals on their personal journeys to better physical health, mental clarify, and emotional wellbeing. Please join us as we walk this path of healing, gently and with love.

Why practice at Gentle Healing?