When I last reached out I was so sure that we were going to be able to stay open, but things are changing so fast right now that it’s hard to keep up.  We decided that, while it wasn’t the choice we wanted to make, the most ethical choice was to close the studio. Your health and safety is too important to us to put you at even a minimal risk if we can avoid it.  

We still feel that now is the time that we all need to dig deep into our practice. Yoga gives us the tools to help us flow with life as it comes at us. It offers us strength and resiliency. It offers us an outlet where we can switch from our thinking and fearful mind to a centered and stable mind, if even for a few moments.

For those reasons, our teachers have put together an online studio and resource center for you.  We have Yoga Nidra classes for you to enjoy.  Movement classes are being filmed and uploaded throughout the week. We have included links to some of our favorite books and blog posts if you are interested.  It is a little bit bare bones and definitely a work in progress, so please be patient and continue to check back as we continue to add to it. We are offering this as a free service to help you get through each day with grace and equanimity. 

We are here for you via email, phone and social media, please don’t hesitate to reach out with requests or suggestions.  We want to continue to do our best to support you during this crazy time, and we look forward to seeing you back in the studio as soon as possible.

Much love and gratitude,
om shanti,
Robyn and the rest of the Gentle Healing team

Introducing our Online Studio
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